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ph photoPamela Huizenga’s studio tables are scattered with a dazzling assortment of gems, both glittering and gritty. Diamonds, rubies, aquamarines, garnets, hemimorphite, uvarovite, emerald slices, multicolored sapphires and watermelon tourmaline share space with seashells and fossilized sea biscuits. The designer-cum-lapidary celebrates the combination of beauty and imperfection found in nature by creating exclusive jewelry with precious metals, gemstones and other natural elements. The result is a specimen of organic elegance, balancing texture, color and shape into a wearable mosaic of gems and metal.

Pamela learned to cut stones at the tender age of 16, instilling in her a deep appreciation and respect for  the stones she works with. Focusing on the colors and shapes of gemstones, she works with their imperfections, instead of against them, allowing the stones to guide her designs.

“One of the most exciting aspects of being a designer is that I can create what I want,” says Pamela. “But what makes it all worth it is when someone sees your work and ‘gets it.’ They can feel the mystery in the stones and relate to why you created the piece. That is the most rewarding part of designing jewelry, when someone else can enjoy and appreciate your creation.”

While Pamela’s bracelets remain her signature, her designs, which are available at several fine jewelry boutiques and galleries, continue to evolve. From showstopping pendants and picturesque earrings to conversation starting rings, each piece of jewelry is a conscious artistic expression.

The woman who wears Pamela’s jewelry craves the artistic and original. She is someone who appreciates the intrinsic beauty of gemstones and the precision of exceptional craftsmanship. She is as unique as the jewelry itself, a one-of-a kind woman who decks herself in one-of-a-kind designs.

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