Rika Jewelry Design



Our jewelry collaboration began in 2001 at a chance meeting at a craft show on the east coast, where we were each exhibiting. From there, we formed a partnership which allows us to continue in our own individual artistic explorations while allowing our personal vision to intersect in our collaborative commission work.

From initial drawings and paper models to a wax carving or fabricated piece of jewelry, and finally, to textural decisions on the finished piece, we add to and edit one another’s ideas. The result is a spectacular piece, a combination of our individual and complementary approaches to design.

Over the past many years, we have continued to work with our clients to realize their unique jewelry desires. Individually we have designed and crafted exquisite jewelry since we were each first captivated by the process in our teenage years. Our continued enthusiasm and energy combine into a unique expression and the results are visible in our work.

Contact: Richard Kimball & Kathleen Brennan
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Denver CO 80218