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Erica Molinari’s vision and passion of precious and semi-precious gems stones has translated into a fascination into the workings of fine jewelry. Erica’s mark is what makes each piece unique and individual. Using quality materials and gems stones to create beautiful jewelry is her finger print on the world of fine jewelry. Designs that meet today’s standards.

After completing an illustrious 18 year career as Olympic athlete Erica needed something to focus on. Being an athlete was a “love of sport” and “you have to have the same drive to commit to anything you enjoy”. Erica’s husband was her muse and pushed her into taking metal smith classes. Instantly she began to apprentice for herself and found that was the best way to learn the trade. Erica loves a challenge and as her knowledge has progressed over the years she’s been able to apply this wealth of talent to her designs.

One of her first collections in 2005 was her 18kt gold Branch collection and that evolved into working with oxidized silver. By applying self-taught techniques specific to Erica’s standards she has applied these to conquer the unique world of mixing 18kt gold, sterling silver and diamonds.  The result, black rhodium plated pieces adorned with the finest diamonds available. Stunning one of a kind Renaissance gem stones adorned with diamonds. Roman inspired hand cast 14kt & sterling silver coins embellished with diamonds.

Erica Molinari’s designs have appeared in the first of many editorial features in Town & Country, In Style Weddings, Accessory magazine & National Jeweler. In addition to some of the finest retail jewelers in the country, Choices, Citrine, Cotton Club, David Clay Jewelers, Goodie 2 Shoes, Jensen Stern  Fine Jewelers, J. Vair Anderson Jewelers, Max’s Jewelry, New Twist, Regina’s Treasures Fine jewelry, Single Stone Fine Jewelers, and Saks.

“I am very fortunate to do what I love, that’s what I do, create with my hands”

Contact: Felecia Thomas
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New York NY