• Marion Fasel

    Marion Fasel

    National Treasure

    Editor, author, and jewelry expert Marion Fasel ended up in jewelry due to a happy twist of fate. Lucky for us, Marion curates our jewelry past and future.

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  • In the Studio with Jennifer Dawes

    In the Studio with Jennifer Dawes

    Get a glimpse into the studios of your favorite artists.

    In her studio in rural Sonoma, Jennifer Dawes is creating jewelry and a lifestyle that is truly sustainable.

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  • Dorothée Ginzenga

    Dorothée Ginzenga

    Dorothée Gizenga, is the Executive Director of the Diamond Development Initiative. We asked her a few questions to find out a little more about the organization, and the woman behind the organization.

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  • Book Review: Vintage Jewelry Design

    Book Review: Vintage Jewelry Design

    Classics to Collect & Wear

    100 Years of Jewelry History

    A decade-by-decade walk through jewelry history since 1890, this book by Caroline Cox also includes a shopping guide for the vintage jewelry collector and loads of photos of period jewelry and the people who moved an industry.

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  • The Perfect Escape

    The Perfect Escape

    We're focused on getting away from it all. We asked CJDG members: Where do you go to escape?

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