• Book Review: The French Blue

    Book Review: The French Blue

    An Adventurous Romop through the 17th Century

    The French Blue by Richard W. Wise is a fascinating piece of historical fiction, revealing the story of the Hope Diamond.

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  • Book Review: Vintage Jewelry Design

    Book Review: Vintage Jewelry Design

    Classics to Collect & Wear

    100 Years of Jewelry History

    A decade-by-decade walk through jewelry history since 1890, this book by Caroline Cox also includes a shopping guide for the vintage jewelry collector and loads of photos of period jewelry and the people who moved an industry.

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  • Book Review: 500 Earrings

    Book Review: 500 Earrings

    New Directions in Contemporary Jewelry

    A Dream Book for Collectors

    500 Earrings, curated by Alan Revere, is a visual tour de force of one of the most popular types of jewelry.

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  • Jewelry's Shining Stars

    Jewelry's Shining Stars

    In a new coffee table book of lush images, Beth Bernstein sheds a light on some of the foremost fine jewelry designers working today. Get to know a few CJDG members better...

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  • Marion Fasel

    Marion Fasel

    National Treasure

    Editor, author, and jewelry expert Marion Fasel ended up in jewelry due to a happy twist of fate. Lucky for us, Marion curates our jewelry past and future.

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