• Lorraine DePasque

    Lorraine DePasque

    In the first of our new “TASTEMAKERS” series, Jewelry and Fashion Editor Lorraine DePasque talks with CJDG President Vicente Agor, giving us an inside look at her life and style, some expert opinions of a few top jewelry trends for fall—plus a peek into her little-known days as a “club kid.”

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  • It's All in the Family

    It's All in the Family

    Find out how these families work--and live--together.

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  • Las Vegas Jewelry Week 2013

    Las Vegas Jewelry Week 2013

    It is the biggest week of the year for jewelry designers and retailers. A week of work and play, all captured via Instagram.

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  • Marion Fasel

    Marion Fasel

    National Treasure

    Editor, author, and jewelry expert Marion Fasel ended up in jewelry due to a happy twist of fate. Lucky for us, Marion curates our jewelry past and future.

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  • Book Review: The French Blue

    Book Review: The French Blue

    An Adventurous Romop through the 17th Century

    The French Blue by Richard W. Wise is a fascinating piece of historical fiction, revealing the story of the Hope Diamond.

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