CJDG Designer Members

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Name Phone
Aaron FurlongAaron Furlong 213-623-4228
Alex SoldierAlex Soldier 212-354-4244
Alexandra HartAlexandra Hart 619-286-9278
Alexis BarbeauAlexis Barbeau 954-422-9559
Alishan HalebianAlishan Halebian 714-730-1140
Ananda KhalsaAnanda Khalsa 413-727-3599
Babette ShennanBabette Shennan
BarbaraBarbara 585-383-1089
Belle B. Barer Belle B. Barer 213-663-6614
Bree RicheyBree Richey 617-522-3229
Chi Galatea HunyiChi Galatea Hunyi 800-609-6888
Cornelia GoldsmithCornelia Goldsmith 415-332-0802
David AlvaradoDavid Alvarado 562-544-3124
Denise Betesh 505-466-1033
Denny WongDenny Wong 808-947-0188
Dharmesh and Namrata KothariDharmesh and Namrata Kothari 201-585-2021
Diana WidmanDiana Widman 312-346-2363
Elizabeth & Jack GualtieriElizabeth & Jack Gualtieri 503-236-6735
Elizabeth GarvinElizabeth Garvin 212-420-9470
  • Diamond Development Initiative

    Diamond Development Initiative

    Where is your diamond from?

    Dorothée Gizenga shares the successes--and challenges--of the Diamond Development Initiative in the wild world of artisanal diamond mining.

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  • Lorraine DePasque

    Lorraine DePasque

    In the first of our new “TASTEMAKERS” series, Jewelry and Fashion Editor Lorraine DePasque talks with CJDG President Vicente Agor, giving us an inside look at her life and style, some expert opinions of a few top jewelry trends for fall—plus a peek into her little-known days as a “club kid.”

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  • The Perfect Escape

    The Perfect Escape

    We're focused on getting away from it all. We asked CJDG members: Where do you go to escape?

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  • Book Review: 500 Earrings

    Book Review: 500 Earrings

    New Directions in Contemporary Jewelry

    A Dream Book for Collectors

    500 Earrings, curated by Alan Revere, is a visual tour de force of one of the most popular types of jewelry.

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  • Jewelry's Shining Stars

    Jewelry's Shining Stars

    In a new coffee table book of lush images, Beth Bernstein sheds a light on some of the foremost fine jewelry designers working today. Get to know a few CJDG members better...

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