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Lisa Kim Fine Jewelry - Making Magic in Metal

By Marlene Richey

"Lisa Kim Fine Jewelry is fierce treasure. Each piece represents a woman’s innate power to conquer all.”

Having been in the jewelry world for a long time, I have never heard of anyone’s experiences that are similar to Lisa Kim’s. The story is truly unique unto itself. Just keep reading and see for yourself.

Who shows up for a job interview wearing a chainmaille dress and Norman helmet (and gets hired on the spot)? Who had a successful career in animation and left it to create jewelry? Who has worked with a team of blacksmiths to produce weapons, armor and wardrobe forsome of the world’s greatest pop stars? And who has taken these experiences and created a very personal and bold collection of fine jewelry? Lisa Kim!

LisaKim headshot

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Master Jeweler Ray Griffiths and His Crowning Glory


By Kyle Roderick

Like a gem-encrusted cathedral, the jewels of Ray Griffiths www.raygriffiths.com are glitteringly beautiful, monumental in artisanship and rich in structural integrity. While Griffiths creates a vast range of jewels in precious metals, varied gemstones and color palettes, the New York-based designer/master jeweler is highly differentiated by Crownwork®, his trademarked technique and style. 

Ray Griffiths Crownwork Oxidized Hoop Balls

Oxidized sterling silver Crownwork® hoops and 18-karat gold Crownwork® globes make kinetic sculptural statements.

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Janis Kerman - The Full Circle. A conversation with Marlene Richey

In Janis Kerman’s book “Reminiscence”, Patricia Kiley Faber of Aaron Faber Gallery stated: “The work is continually evolving although the outstanding qualities of Kerman’s jewelry - strong composition, meticulous finishing, the contrast of silver and gold, and a focus on wearability - have been there since the beginning…Kerman’s work is unique among her peers in many ways. Her…manifesto (is) - ‘It’s the balance, not the symmetry.’”  As Janis retires from the jewelry industry, she spoke with Marlene Richey about her work, her legacy and moving forward.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Janis 007 BW1

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