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A Conversation with Suzy Landa and Amy Roseveare

suzy landa boulder opal bracelet 

Boulder Opal Cuff

Suzy began her business in 2004, and I was so surprised to find out that she didn’t originally intend to go down that path. She regaled me with the fascinating story about how she received a metalsmithing class as a gift from a friend. Fate would have it that she met Cindy Edelstein at the MJSA show shortly thereafter, and due to Cindy’s uh, “urging,” she found herself as one of the Rising Stars at JCK in Las Vegas.  Guess Suzy was going into business!! There’s NO way I can do this story justice, so please click through to Suzy’s blog post  to hear the story in her own words.  Trust me, it’s worth the read!

suzy landa tourmaline and indicolite ring copy

Tourmaline and Indicolite Ring

But let’s now skip back to the present day.  Enjoy this Q&A with Suzy:

AMY: How does your upbringing influence your use of color in your line? 

SUZY: I grew up in a home that was a love letter to color; every door was painted a bright color, the couches were chartreuse green, carpeting bright yellow, etc. Though we teased my mom that we lived in what looked like a nursery school, she always said, "Look at the faces of people when they walk through the front door. All smiles." And she was right. One couldn't help but grin upon walking in to that house. It was so colorful and lively and fun.

suzy landa pendant copy

AMY: Do you start with the design of a piece, or do the stones drive the design? 

SUZY: The stones often drive the design. I tend to fall in love with a gem and work backwards. I fall for the unusual - a size or shape and quality of a gem I know I'll rarely (if ever) see again; and the goal is a finished piece which highlights the stones, rather than the metal.

AMY: How would you describe the aesthetic of your line and who do you see wearing it? 

SUZY: Clean lines, bold colors, symmetry, subtle details, geometric with a certain softness; a mix of classic and current, contemporary but not trendy; statement jewelry without the fuss that often comes with it. I design for a woman who favor timeless statement pieces over disposable, only temporarily "hot" ones. She is confident in her own sense of style, doesn't follow "mainstream" fashion, and knows what she loves the moment she sees it. She expects to love her pieces in 10 years as much as she does on that first day.

suzy landa earrings under construction copy

AMY: Can you please share a couple of your recent, most favorite pieces?

SUZY: Perpetually influenced by early to mid-20th century artists like Piet Mondrian, Mark Rothko, design houses like Marimekko, and my mother's uncanny ability to put together combinations of color, texture, and pattern, I've always been a lover of color blocking. I introduced a new series of color blocked pieces at Couture -- statement rings, earrings, and bracelets -- and I'm still developing the collection.

suzy landa bracelets copy

AMY: How do you envision your line evolving over time? Hopes? Dreams?

SUZY: Wow -- no clue. I try not to think too far ahead.

AMY: Well, Suzy, I know that no matter what you come up with, it’s going to be fabulous!! 

To find out more about Suzy Landa, visit her page on the CJDG website and suzylandanewyork.com and on Instagram.

Amy Roseveare is a blogger, a fashion stylist and writer. You can find her blog at Jewelry Fashion Tips, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.