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Stephanie Albertson: "Style is a simple way of saying complicated things"

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"Stephanie’s gentle spirit enables her to combine gems whether subtle or bold with her 22kt signature finish to create a finished jewel that feels so good you want to wear every day as it becomes a part of you!" Amy Hardy, Trendz Gallery, Stone Harbor, NJ. 

“I never wanted to be anything other than an artist. I inherited a combination of art and commerce genes from my parents.” My father was an entrepreneur and when we were children his work had him traveling through Europe. So my mother, “an adventurer and art lover at heart” moved the children to the south France and the adventures began. She put her finger on the map and said that was where we were going that day. I met artists everywhere we ventured even in small rural villages. “Spending time with so many artists and seeing their creative worlds, taught me the importance of being curious and that it was possible to having a fulfilling and prosperous life as an artist.” She states that she always looked at herself as an artist with a lot of different mediums from which to work.

“Even in high school when my friends were out, I was in my bedroom with fabric making clothes, writing and singing songs. I’ve always been disciplined by nature, and I had a lot of jobs that gave me my skills for managing time and enabling me to wear a lot of hats.”


Artist Palette pendant with opal and assorted gemstones

When in college she studied art history then moved to New York after graduating. Albertson was making jewelry as a hobby all this time. It was also at this time when she went on a job interview with Liz Tilberis, editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar. She wasn’t part of the fashion industry and thinks that might have been the reason she got this job. “The job was like a masters in business with a focus on marketing, fashion and publishing. It covered everything, life, business and administrative skills.”

While working at Bazaar, Albertson began to think seriously about jewelry and getting more formal metalsmithing training. She went to New York’s Jewelry Arts Institute. It was like a second home for her on the Upper West Side. She used their benches to produce her first collection.

In 1999 Stephanie Albertson Jewelry was launched and became one of America’s leading independent boutique jewelry brands. She sells jewelry in the United States, Europe, Mexico and the Bahamas. And in 2015 she introduced her first collection of limited edition textiles and handmade functional objects which she refers to as “jewels” for the home. “I am very excited to broaden the creative output of my studio and venture into new categories of handmade luxury.”

tanzanite pendant square format

Tanzanite pendant

Stephanie states that her “…jewelry designs combine my appreciation of the classical principles of jewelry making with a distinctly modern and fresh point of view. Inspired by vibrant colors, luxurious textures and irresistible-to-the-touch materials, each piece in my collection is handcrafted using 22K gold and an assortment of fancy colored gemstones, diamonds and rare opals. Because each piece is hand made, and each gemstone carefully chosen, no two pieces in the line will ever be exactly the same.”

In her jewelry the stone dictates the work and the majority of her pieces are created in 22K gold. Albertson alloys and makes her own materials. 

opal flower ring 1

Opal Flower ring

All of her work is made in her New York studio and she is a firm believer that protecting the environment is critical and puts this belief into practice every time she creates a piece of jewelry. Albertson practices responsible production, using the safest and cleanest methods and ethically sourced, conflict-free materials. “In today’s world there is a lot of be said for ‘made in the USA.’ My jewelry is entirely handmade in-house with one vision.” 

Winter Park style maven and interior designer, Hattie Wolfe has known Alberston since she was a baby. “Stephanie has always had an eye,” Wolfe says, “…Taste is an extension of yourself, I like things that are simple, classic and distinctive.” Wolfe adds, “ I don’t like gimmicks. I love her designs because they are unique, well thought out and timeless.”

When asked her words of advice to aspiring jewelers/artists Albertson states simply to live your life. Make real relationships and build a community.

04 diamond orb necklace

Diamond Orb necklace

To find out more about Stephanie Albertson, visit her website and her page on the CJDG website. This article was written by Marlene Richey, and is based on her interviews with Stephanie.