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aaron head1A native Californian, Aaron Henry Furlong grew up in a family of jewelers tracing back to 1940. He continues their commitment to "Uncompromising Quality and Design". The hallmarks of AARON HENRY jewelry are design integrity, gemstone quality, fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. Fine jewelry is an art form, and the creative process extends beyond our studio into every aspect of the world, which we inhabit. Where we travel, whom we meet and how we interact with nature and culture; our experiences and desires all influence the direction that our designs take.

Innovative jewelry and design techniques are combined with inspiration from natural colors and shapes to create finished pieces that are versatile, precious, sophisticated and collectable. The jewelry that we create today will remain relevant for future generations, even as our designs continue to evolve.

Accolades include Spectrum, Niche, Signity and Diamonds Today awards. AARON HENRY pieces have appeared in the marketing efforts of the World Gold Council, the GIA, De Beers and the California Jewelers Association. Our jewelry has graced the pages of Vanity Fair, Robb Report, Jewelry Connoisseur, Town and Country and In Style to name a few. Jewelers Quarterly Magazine has also named Aaron as a ‘Designer of the 21st Century’.


Aaron Furlong
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Los Angeles CA 90013