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Pascal Lacroix

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head lacroixThe wilderness of the Northern Sierra Mountains provides a spectacular setting for Pascal Lacroix’s studio, where he gives each of his jewelry pieces “one-of-a-kind” attention. Mr. Lacroix, an award-winning designer, was born in Brussels and raised in the South of France. He was inspired by his father’s work as a renowned sculptor and jewelry designer and, in his own right, has become a master in the creation of innovative gold and diamond bracelets. Mr. Lacroix sees his jewelry creations as sculptures and fashions every piece to be a silent companion to be cared for and cherished.

Simple, yet elegant are the most commonly heard adjectives when describing Pascal Lacroix’s gold and diamond bangle bracelets. Indeed, Pascal Lacroix’s solid, sleek and feminine diamond bracelets enhance the modern woman’s beauty. The art of Pascal Lacroix’s work is present in every aspect of each piece, from the smooth and sturdy invisible hinge to the clear and comforting snap of the clasp, and the purity of the line to the sturdiness of the build. Each piece makes an elegant statement of it’s own, one of art and serenity. Owning a Pascal Lacroix bracelet is discovering a silent companion of timeless beauty…

Contact: Pascal Lacroix
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800-952-2764 / 530-265-3654
PO Box 1096
Nevada City CA 95959