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Rebecca Myers





rebecca myers 2“I find sublime beauty in simple natural forms. My jewelry is not just about the materials but about the contrast in the materials and the dichotomy that is captured in nature. We all straddle that world. The rough, the smooth, the dark, the light. Just as I find beauty in the struggle within nature, I also feel a deep sense of awe when my garden comes alive.

My current work was inspired by a trip to Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica, where I collected seed pods and took images of the indigenous plants and insects that thrive in this intense habitat.  My craft is not to duplicate. I try to capture that feeling of unexpected wonder and simplicity, seeing something you may have seen many times, for the first time.

I use high karat gold, platinum and oxidized silver in most of my work. While diamonds are used in my pieces, I try to use them to produce a dusting effect as opposed to being the focus. In my world, fashion and art are bedfellows. I make my jewelry completely wearable and sexy, pieces that enhance an individual’s natural beauty. My work appeals to women who appreciate the depth of technique of well made, fine crafted jewelry, but ultimately are attracted to the way the jewelry makes them feel”.

Rebecca Myers graduated from the Tyler School of Art. In 1996, she won the American Jewelry Design Council’s New Talent Contest. Since then, the Rebecca Myers Collection has ground into a beautiful line of fine jewelry.

Contact: Rebecca Myers
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2010 Clipper Park Rd., Suite 109
Baltimore MD 21211