Sana Doumet




photo edited 1I graduated from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts. Before jewelry, my main focus was on sculpture; the reason I went to Perugia in Italy to study at the “Escuela De Bella Arte”. Later in Boston, I discovered jewelry and my ability to express and transform my love for sculpture through metal and on a much smaller scale; which made it easier for me to carry my work around from place to place.

My jewelry is fabricated using different techniques such as forging, hammering and construction. My work is contemporary and is expressed in a combination of sterling silver, 22kt gold, 18 kt gold, diamonds, semi-precious stones and pearls depending on the design. All my work is designed and hand made by me.

Indeed, my designs are a reflection of who I am and what I have become.  My love for the medium I use allows me to overcome the stiffness of the metal and explore its softness resulting in different textures, looseness and motions clearly visible in my pieces.

Being a citizen of the world, I was fortunate to live in and visit different countries exploring the magic of their making. Among the different cultures I’ve been exposed to are South American and Middle Eastern cultures. Each has a direct influence on my work.

My inspiration is the beauty that exists everywhere, in the past,  present and the future.

My aim is to echo back to the wearer the feeling of love I put into every piece I create, and to have people feel the excitement and joy of having discovered The Art of Jewelry.

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