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Suzy Landa

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Landa photoSuzy Landa began making jewelry for friends and family at age 5 using colored telephone wire and fuzzy pipe cleaners until she discovered that the candy necklaces available at every local drugstore checkout counter were attracting considerably more attention.

As a teenager and young adult she too succumbed to buying retail and at the same time, struggled to live up to that "most creative" label blazoned in her high school yearbook. Art classes and weekend projects were creative ventures reserved for extra time when she wasn't too busy with a real job.

Many years later, as a refugee of the film business, Suzy returned to her childhood passion - this time studying metalsmithing in New York and subsequently turning a hobby into a business.

Today, oddly enough, Suzy still makes things with wire and candy-colored pieces that look good enough to eat; yet precious metals and gemstones have replaced the telephone wire and sugary beads of her childhood. Suzy's designs have evolved into innovative creations using enviable craftsmanship, and they continue to reflect those she made as a designer-in-training so many years ago.

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