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Vicente Agor headshot smAfter nearly 20 years of experience in the investment industry working as a marketing and sales consultant for major banks and mutual fund companies, Vicente Agor began his career in jewelry design.  Vicente has taken his passion for fine ornamentation and created a line of beautiful and elegant jewelry that utilizes 18kt gold, sterling silver, precious and colored gemstones.

Drawing inspiration from his global travels, his work bears the undeniable mark of the exotic with a fresh modern interpretation. The muse for his jewelry is a mythical creation of an urbane, confident, fashionable and fabulous woman. A photo of Audrey Hepburn has inspired his work. Not a photo of the 1950s ingenue, but a photo of Ms. Hepburn later in life. She was not playing a character, but rather she was in Africa working with UNICEF. The photo of this woman -- strong, passionate, and accomplished -- embodies the spirit of the woman who inspires and wears Vicente Agor Precious Jewelry.

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