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Dana Bronfman is a New York-based, fine jewelry designer whose unique mixed metal pieces reflect her life experiences and artistic soul. Influenced by her philanthropic family, Dana focused her early post-college years on working with non-profit organizations. Global travels, especially Spain, inspired her creative passion, and time spent in the southwestern U.S. attracted her to contemporary Native American art – all which motivated her to create jewelry. After training formally as a metalsmith at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco and an apprenticeship in Santa Fe, Dana moved to Brooklyn and began making her own signature jewelry from certified reclaimed 18 karat gold and sterling silver. Each of her distinctive pieces are created from a mold that is made by hand, then crafted with a hammer and torch – resulting in fine jewelry that is quietly bold, delicate and edgy and reflects her genuine maker spirit.  She continues her commitment to philanthropic causes by donating a portion of proceeds from the sale of her pieces to organizations that support arts education and environmental causes.
“My collections reflect how I view the world around me. I love to mix metals, combining the glamorous with the gritty, and add an unexpected touch to each piece-- a gallery, asymmetry, or movement. It represents a process and lifestyle of finding balance in the raw beauty of my environment through juxtaposing delicate, natural styles that highlight the pure beauty of metal with structured styles that embody the influence of industrial architecture.


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