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Stephanie Albertson is a New York City based jewelry designer and artist best known for her distinctive collection of handcrafted fine jewelry.

Stephanie’s jewelry designs combine her appreciation of the classical principles of jewelry making with a distinctly modern and fresh point of view. Inspired by vibrant colors, luxurious textures and irresistible-to-the-touch materials, each piece in her collection is handcrafted using 22K gold and an assortment of fancy colored gemstones, diamonds and rare opals. Because each piece is hand made, and each gemstone carefully chosen, no two pieces in the line will ever be exactly the same.

 “Even when pieces come in a series, there is a nuanced uniqueness to them. Every piece has a personality and life of its own. I like to see my process in the final presentation of the piece – the bezel setting, the handmade nature of the chains, the mark of the artist. I strive for perfection in quality, materials and craftsmanship, and at the same time, there is something naturally imperfect that shines through in the finished jewel. That's where the beauty is for me."

When asked about her inspiration, Stephanie says, “I make jewelry that I want to wear. That’s where I always start. My jewelry is about color and having fun. I love the expressive power of jewelry, and especially the notion that jewelry should be fun to wear. Everything that comes out of my studio is in some way inspired by how I live – the colors, the materials, the textures are all about luxury, yet the vibe is relaxed and totally comfortable, livable, and most importantly, wearable.”

In addition to her jewelry, Stephanie also designs a collection of textiles and finished home accessories available to the trade.

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