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I observe. I synthesize. I (re)create. Nature is my inspiration and every piece of jewelry I make celebrates it. Raw and minimally cut gemstones, hand-carved wax models, and carefully crafted settings transform shapes borrowed from nature (plants, pebbles, bee hives) and make them intimately and infinitely wearable.

 All of my jewelry is hand fabricated using traditional bench skills. Hand carving wax models enables me to create unique shapes that are cast in precious metals and incorporated into to my jewelry designs, many of which are one of a kind. All of my pieces are intended to be worn every day and careful consideration of details goes into making pieces that are comfortable, effortless, and timeless by design. 

Sustainability is important to me and I use recycled and reclaimed precious metals whenever possible. I use conflict-free diamonds and I hand select all of my gem stones and gravitate to those with unusual characteristics, such as watermelon tourmalines and dendritic agates and quartzes. One-of-a-kind pieces are at the heart of my work and I am happiest when creating something with a combination of stones and materials that cannot be duplicated.

In fall 2013 I officially became a professional jeweler and my path to get to that point was a little long and winding. Following September 11th, I began taking recreational jewelry-making classes as a way to create with my hands and heart. After 10 years of being a recreational jeweler, I left my successful career in book publishing to enroll in F.I.T.’s intensive jewelry design program where I studied under Maurice Galli, Harry Winston’s Senior Head of Design. I hold an AAS (Summa Cum Laude) in jewelry design and have studied jewelry fabrication at 92Y, School of Visual Arts, Jewelry Arts Institute, and Brooklyn Metalworks. I live and work in the Hudson River Valley in the same community where celebrated landscape painters Thomas Cole and Frederick Church lived and worked.

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 402 Union St., #115 Hudson, NY 12534  phone: 718-571-9049