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Janis Kerman

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Janis Kerman’s studio is in a coach house. Her desk is alive with a laptop, a pair of burgundy-framed glasses, coloured pencils, client’s notes and logistics paperwork. Sketches are meticulously ordered accompanied by the appropriate stones. clients visiting the studio for commissions participate in the design process, from inception to finished wearable jewellery.


By 1975 I had completed my fundamental studies in jewelry design and began experimenting with various metals and techniques. I knew that jewelry making was my direction, my métier. Two years later Janis Kerman design was established. The focus of my work for the next 13 years was the design and production of limited edition collections, detailing for fashion accessories and unique pieces. Though I enjoyed the production years and the fact that my designs were available to many, my need to focus on one-of-kind designs was determining the next era of work. Since 1988, I have been working exclusively in precious metals, gems and alternative materials.


There is a symbiotic relationship between fine art and design – a conceptual fluidity where influences move freely between disciplines promoting exchange and evolution.Inspiration comes from color, texture and objects both artistic and common: architecture, furniture, paintings, ceramics, fashion…My work seeks to define a new relationship between geometric shapes and organic forms.

Balance, not symmetry.

In 2007, to mark 30 years as one of contemporary jewellery’s most venerable designers, a retrospective show was held at Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h, Montréal. She has taught, mentored and delivered presentations on her work both in Canada and the United States including ACAD (Alberta College of Art and Design), FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) and EJMAM (École de Joaillerie de Montréal) and OCAD (Ontario College of Art and Design). Janis Kerman has recently entered into a new collaboration with her daughter, Erin Wahed on her line BANDE DES QUATRES. Ms. Kerman is represented in over 26 galleries.

In 2017 Janis had a Retrospective exhibition in Montreal (ironically where she had her first show in 1977) and when she was approached to consider the exhibition, the “retirement” seed started to grow. With that in mind, her husband and daughter encouraged her to put a book together of her career. She approached gallerist Noel Guyomarc’h and Jewellery school director, Stephane Blackburn to curate the book as she didn’t want it to appear as a vanity project. They both jumped at the opportunity and Janis is so proud of the outcome. "Every time I look through the now finished book, I pinch myself at what I have accomplished. When you are going through it day to day you don’t get a sense but when it’s presented this way.. wow!"

Note: For the last two years Janis has been concentrating on reducing/selling down her inventory and subsequently she has had to reduce the galleries representing her. She has been working exclusively on commission/special order pieces. She does have several pieces available for sale as she closes down her studio. (Contact her to see what pieces are still available). Finally, to read a special interview with Janis about her career and retirement, written by Marlene Richey, click here.

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