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Award winning jewelry designer Jill Maurer is intrigued by archaeological clues to our ancient past:  the paradoxical robustness of prehistoric cave drawings, the sculptural elegance of functional objects, and the presence of weaponry buried alongside both men and women.  Archaeological finds inspire her modern jewelry designs and celebrate connection with our earliest ancestors. 

Jill Maurer’s signature juxtaposition of modern design inspired by prehistoric finds results in clean organic lines that follow and complement the curves making up the human form.  Substantial and weighty, each piece feels solid and enduring in your hand.  The surfaces, heavily textured in her trademark Cave, River, and Bedrock styles appear carved or pitted by the passage of time.  Always real and of the earth, Jill Maurer jewelry is crafted from gold, silver, platinum and natural gem stones.

Jill Maurer doesn’t design jewelry for men or women.  She designs for people.  Her philosophy on selecting the perfect piece is to wear what you love.  When you find the object that is right for you, you transcend simply knowing it … you feel it.  You feel connected to it.  Jill Maurer lives to create that connection.


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