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Pamela Zamore has long been inspired by powerful, independent women and the soulful boldness and down-to-earth quality of sterling silver, particularly Native American pieces of the Southwest.

Pam, a former interior designer, explains,“My creative process involves seeking out iconic elements from vintage jewelry, global cultures, art and architecture and weaving them together into bold, personal talismans in the most versatile of metals: sterling silver. These pieces are often set with tonal cabochons. I strive for my jewelry to endure beyond trend and fashion, yet complement the pieces a woman reaches for most in her wardrobe.” 

Pam can’t remember a time when she didn’t wear silver. “Growing up in the ’70s, I identified with the free-spirited bravery and earthiness of that generation of women who were part of the feminist movement.”

Pam has captured this vibe with strong icons and ornamentation that represent her ties to past generations yet are completely relevant to today’s empowered woman. Pam’s timely creative vision has filled a niche for jewels that make women feel at home with themselves, yet project spirit and power out in the world.


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