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“Falling in love with a special piece of jewelry is no different than any other love story.  The object of love is a mirror, reflecting one’s own image.” – Adel

Adel Chefridi was born in the old city of Tunis, along the Mediterranean coast.  An old Phoenician port, later rebuilt by the Romans, Adel would play in the ruins of the many civilizations that passed through that land.  “As a child, you don’t see that with the eyes of an historian or a researcher, but simply as a playground that naturally becomes part of yourself,” he says.  He enjoyed combing the beaches for ancient mosaic tiles of stone and glass worn for thousands of years by the sea.  It was here that Adel’s artistic sensibilities were born.  Today, Adel’s work increasingly draws upon that multicultural background to reveal the common essence of beauty and harmony displayed in different cultures.

Adel came to New York in 1998 to study Gemology at the GIA, going on to an intensive study of goldsmithing and diamond setting.  It was in New York that Adel met his wife and business partner, Corinne.  His first studio was built in the kitchen of their Brooklyn apartment.  Later, they went on to establish a studio and showroom in SOHO, before expanding in 2008 to their present studio in Woodstock, NY, just a walk from town.

The past couple of years have seen the Adel Chefridi Studio grow.  In the buzz of the workshop, and the fresh air and quiet of the Hudson Valley, Adel reconnects with nature and finds an environment of creativity.  A studio built in 2013 in Adel’s hometown in Tunisia is where he unearths the vocabulary for that creativity and where some of the silver pieces are now made.  With this evolution, a sense of past and present marries itself to feelings of nostalgia and hope in the jewelry designs.

Adel creates pieces using natural, genuine gemstones from all over the world and solid precious metals, mostly recycled.  Pieces are designed to reflect organic symmetry and exact measurement while also allowing the free flow of lines and spontaneous shape to embellish texture and color.  The work emphasizes an openness to light and quality of movement, blending form and surface to create a universal motif.  Adel’s jewelry emphasizes a friendly and peaceful simplicity, making it wearable everyday.

Together, Adel and Corinne have built a design studio recognized for its beauty and originality, craftsmanship and attention to detail.  Recently, the Shimmer band won the prestigious NICHE Award for 2014.  Adel’s work is available in more than 75 jewelry stores and fine galleries in the U.S. 


Adel Chefridi
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291 Wall St., 4th floor
Kingston NY 12401