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Harika Ustaoglu founded Caria Design in 2006. She became the representative of a Turkish fine jewelry designer in the US. Over the years she added several designers to her company. While traveling from one trade show to another all over the country, she started to take jewelry classes. She finished a few metalsmith workshops at the Stuart Cathey studio, joined the Fred de Vos studio for wax workshops and honed her skills with another wax workshop with Kate Wolf.

In the summer of 2014 Harika launched her fine jewelry collection under her own name. This collection is made of 14k gold, diamonds and gemstones. Every stone is handpicked by the designer at the gem shows or in the heart of the New York jewelry district from respectful gem dealers. She likes to use repurposed gold and diamonds whenever they’re available to source. 

All the pieces are designed by Harika wherever she might be. It might be at one of her studios in NYC or in Istanbul, while she’s traveling on a plane, driving or lounging on the beach. Her pieces are inspired by abstract forms or anything she might come across, including a car tail light and a boat propeller.  

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