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Growing up, Suneera saw her mother re-designing family heirlooms. She fell in love with the tradition of owning something special that has a personal story. In 2010, she opened her studio in Los Angeles. Today, joined by her daughter Ana, she continues the tradition of creating jewelry that evokes nostalgia yet is highly relatable. 

In 2017, the mother-daughter design team launched .925SUNEERA to create   accessible and easy to style jewelry for men and women. “Vintage Elegance meets Urban Swag” A culmination of new and old, elegant and edgy. Experimenting with sterling silver and 14k gold, they have created signature textures and finishes. With an ethos grounded in creating finely crafted, timeless jewelry, the collection has a piece for every occasion- from petite every-days to bold creative statements. It is designed to be stacked, layered and mixed together to create personal style.

The craftsmanship of each piece effortlessly blends modern silhouettes with old world manufacturing. All jewelry is crafted in their Los Angeles studio, using ethically sourced materials & sustainable manufacturing. 

“Our inspiration is our clients. They have a strong sense of self and desire a sophisticated look that compliments their individual style. They are travelers, professionals, collectors of fine things, and want jewelry they can wear like second skin. They want luxury but without all the fuss.”

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Phone: 310.598.5010