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"I make magic in metal."

Lisa designs jewelry for fierce women. She drinks from her early passions as inspiration: mythology, fantasy literature, graphic novels, and ancient history.

“Each piece represents our bold and brave selves, the very best of who we are.” Her designs are instantly recognizable for their strong silhouettes and edgy details, like crystal forms, teeth and claws. Based in Los Angeles, Lisa works with the brightest talent to produce her jewelry locally. All of her pieces are made by hand, not by machine because she believes a maker transfers power and intention to jewelry. With casting, fabrication, and chasing and repoussé Lisa weaves a memorable story into her collections that is to be told again and again throughout the ages.

Lisa received her B.F.A. in Film from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Show business uprooted her from New York to make her home in Los Angeles, where she now resides. Over a period of ten years, Lisa had the privilege of working as an artist for animated shows on Nickelodeon, Fox TV Animation, and Warner Brothers. Despite her success, she could not ignore a deep-seated impulse to create objects of beauty with her own hands. In 2011, she decided to leave entertainment to pursue a new career in jewelry design and manufacturing.

Lisa studied wax carving and fabrication at a local jewelry school. She interned with designer Michael Schmidt where she assisted with the production of his fashion jewelry line. During this time she also had the opportunity to fabricate props, wardrobe, and accessories for some of the world's leading pop stars. Lisa went on to work in a similar capacity for Tony Swatton, an acclaimed Hollywood blacksmith and star of the popular web series Man At Arms. She worked with his team to produce weapons, armor and wardrobe for pop stars and exhibitions. She loved creating items that transformed women on stage. Without a doubt the work of these two extraordinary makers left an indelible impression on her and her work.

Lisa taught herself chasing and repoussé in 2012, producing her first sterling silver cuff bracelets. She trained further under European masters Valentin Yotkov and Davide Bigazzi. She is a recipientof the Carelle-WJA Member Grant in Honor of Brooke Tivol McGrath and previously placed as a finalist in the JCK Jewelers Choice Awards.

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