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Bree was born into a family of artists and found her own affinity for art at a young age, exploring the worlds of sculpture and drawing. During college Bree attended the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts and was drawn into the jewelry studio where she discovered her love for the craft. She went on to study and apprentice as a silver and goldsmith, honing her skills at the ancient craft of jewelry making.

At Bree Richey Designs we are humbled as well as deeply honored that her jewelry is shown in some of the most prestigious galleries, museums, online commerce sites, and jewelry stores in the United States.   

Bree Richey’s jewelry collections are directly inspired by her love of the Art Deco movement and contemporary architecture. She finds inspiration for her work in the clean lines of modern furniture, the fluid patterns of fabric, and cutting edge industrial design. All of these elements are immediately apparent in her work, where metal is meticulously handcrafted to create elegant yet highly wearable jewelry.

Handmade sterling silver jewelry is created from a combination of cast and hollowform components.  All pieces are finished in a matte finish and some are adorned with fresh water pearls, crystals, and gem stones.  All are made with custom ear wires and clasps.

Bree was honored to be the winner of the Future of Design competition for 2012.  She will be receiving $250,000 worth of PR, marketing, business, and manufacturing advice as well as sales representation and special placement in three industry trade shows, plus personalized mentoring by some of jewelry’s top designers.  Visit www.FutureOfDesign.com for details.

Contact: Bree Richey
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343 Medford St., #4A
Somerville MA 02145