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Coomi gives new meaning to the term renaissance women. Over the past two decades, her creativity and inherent artistic nature have driven her careers as a textile designer, architect, and landscape designer and now fuels her jewelry collection, launched in 2002. From the beginning, Coomi’s feminine yet powerful lines and motifs, handcrafted in high karat gold, rose cut diamonds and precious gemstones met with success among leading luxury retailers, garnered industry awards and won the  attention of press both in the U.S. and abroad.

While in her teens, Coomi began designing pieces for herself out of beads, charms and other found objects. She later obtained a BA in Art History. Once she graduated she worked as both a textile designer and created jewelry for private clients. “I fell in love with every aspect of gold, the textures that I could create as well as the rich palette, nature and meaning of gemstones and the inherent character of various cuts of diamonds,” Coomi explains.

Coomi relocated to the U.S. with her husband Hari, a commercial builder, in 1977. She used her innate sense of design and engineering to help create a successful family business. She worked as a builder and was also asked to do special commissions as an architect and landscape designer. In 2002, she finally felt the timing was right to pursue her ongoing affinity for jewelry and launched the COOMI collection.

Contact: Coomi Bhasin
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901 Penhorn Ave, Sec 1
Secaucus NJ 07094