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My inspiration comes from nature.  I toss  a  pebble  into  a  pond   and  watch the ripples gently and pleasantly  hypnotize me for hours.  I pick up a shell and watch the spiral design travel into my eyes. I watch a child hold a flower innocently in her hands as she watches a butterfly dance in the garden. At these moments nature shares and reveals to us the secret of natural beauty. To me, art is like music, the musician understands key, melody, composition, etc.  This enables him to create music rather than noise. Likewise, I have come to understand line, light, shape, color, texture, and the mystic harmony of their relationship in creating music for the eyes.  I believe natural beauty is not just based on culture, intellect, or the conditions of life alone.  Universal beauty does exist and you can find it in your smile.

Contact: Chi Huynh
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