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From her studio in Cleveland, Ohio, Heather B. Moore’s journey begins with love, laughter and family, with stories that are reflected in very personalized jewelry. “Telling a story is not a trend,” says Heather. “It’s a keepsake, an heirloom. It’s one-of-a-kind, just like the person wearing it.”  

Heather began her jewelry career in 1994 as a glassblower and metalworker, but she has always loved tools, and started collecting them when she was only 13. “I grew up in the steel industry of Cleveland and loved going to my dad’s factories, so craftsmanship was something that I related to,” she reminisces. “The first steel tooling stamps that I purchased were from a garage sale at an old machinist’s house. I carried those stamps around with me for 15 years before I knew what to do with them! In 1991, I pulled them out and decided to integrate quotes from my friends and family. I stamped them onto silver plaques and then framed them with a handmade cast glass frame.”

From those early garage-sale stamps to today’s award-winning jewelry, Heather combines her talent for storytelling with a passion for the arts. Her line  documents a person’s story, letting the wearer remember what shaped it along the way. Available in various combinations of sterling silver, yellow, rose, white and green gold, as well as gemstones, the collection includes personalized charms, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings necklaces and accessories.

Because they bring cherished words, quotes and memories to life though jewelry, each piece is not only personal but also very sentimental. How special is a charm with the exact handwriting of a loved one, or an exact doodle from a child, or a favorite saying? In order to create these special phrases, the company manufactures its own steel stamps that reproduce handwriting and children's drawings, along with a wide variety of fonts and layouts for other personalized pieces. “The in-house steel shop gives us the ability to create tooling which replicates a personal signature, sketch, logo, child’s drawing and everything in between,” she adds. “We use a freehand technique where each letter, number and symbol is hand stamped. This method allows us to give every piece a unique personality to match the wearer. 

The world is full of wonderful symbols and meaningful messages along life’s journey. At Heather B. Moore, this sentimental journey can be immortalized in fine jewelry.’

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