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At Irthly, our purpose is to introduce other precious concepts and elements of our world into fine jewelry.  Our mind stands firmly on the notion that fine jewelry and “the precious” in general, can be reconstituted to celebrate valuable ideas and concepts, along with organic materials, that play a critical role in our environment.  A synthesis of stern individuality, compassionate world consciousness, and valuable earthly elements is what makes Irthly a movement worth joining.
As an Irthly signature, the eco-element is featured as the central organ and the “precious” materials serving as its complement.  The eco-element is elected due to its opulence in the environment; how it plays a vital role in the eco systems of the world; and how it is often taken for granted and undervalued
It is important for me to make sure that the featured element is not just an accent that is being held and secured by the traditional jewelry protocol.  I do not want the element to be set in a basket setting on a piece of metal jewelry, for example.  That would be just too easy and it would make the element a highlight and not the main component.  My drive to design stems from the challenge of making jewelry that has the eco-element as the focal component.
Our products encompass the finest of materials and feature craftsmanship of the highest order.  We have made a commitment to use recycled metals, conflict-free diamonds, fair trade gemstones, and fair trade eco-elements.  Our jewelry is proudly made in the U.S.A., from the world, to the world.
The launch of Irthly Jewelled Adornments is a culmination of 25 years of jewelry experience, my philosophical background, and my vision of the future of jewelry design. I want this collection to showcase upscale, cutting-edge jewelry that demonstrates both luxury and an appreciation of vital elements of the environment.  I want my designs to contain meaningful statements that their wearers can explore and discuss with others.
Being the son of a master jeweler, one can say that I have been part of the jewelry industry since I was able to raise a tool.  An education in Chinese and European philosophy incited me to design a line of jewelry representative of my worldview. I believe that the world is becoming a lot more interconnected and interdependent. The pillars of value and preciousness are being challenged.  
For that reason, I believe the notion of “precious” is undergoing a re-valuation. I want to be part of that process by introducing into precious jewelry, elements of the environment that play a crucial role in the eco-system and are often taken for granted.

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