• Jewelry's Shining Stars

    Jewelry's Shining Stars

    In a new coffee table book of lush images, Beth Bernstein sheds a light on some of the foremost fine jewelry designers working today. Get to know a few CJDG members better...

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  • Diamond Development Initiative

    Diamond Development Initiative

    Where is your diamond from?

    Dorothée Gizenga shares the successes--and challenges--of the Diamond Development Initiative in the wild world of artisanal diamond mining.

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  • Book Review: Read My Pins

    Book Review: Read My Pins

    Stories from a Diplomat's Jewel Box

    Jewelry's Role in International Affairs

    Equal parts memoir, world history, and exhibition catalog, this book by former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright tells the fascinating stories, in words and pictures, of how her choice of jewelry became part of her "personal diplomatic arsenal."

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  • In the Studio with Rebecca Overmann

    In the Studio with Rebecca Overmann

    Get a glimpse into the studios of your favorite artists.

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  • Lorraine DePasque

    Lorraine DePasque

    In the first of our new “TASTEMAKERS” series, Jewelry and Fashion Editor Lorraine DePasque talks with CJDG President Vicente Agor, giving us an inside look at her life and style, some expert opinions of a few top jewelry trends for fall—plus a peek into her little-known days as a “club kid.”

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