• It's All in the Family

    It's All in the Family

    Find out how these families work--and live--together.

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  • Book Review: 500 Earrings

    Book Review: 500 Earrings

    New Directions in Contemporary Jewelry

    A Dream Book for Collectors

    500 Earrings, curated by Alan Revere, is a visual tour de force of one of the most popular types of jewelry.

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  • Book Review: Vintage Jewelry Design

    Book Review: Vintage Jewelry Design

    Classics to Collect & Wear

    100 Years of Jewelry History

    A decade-by-decade walk through jewelry history since 1890, this book by Caroline Cox also includes a shopping guide for the vintage jewelry collector and loads of photos of period jewelry and the people who moved an industry.

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  • Jewelry's Shining Stars

    Jewelry's Shining Stars

    In a new coffee table book of lush images, Beth Bernstein sheds a light on some of the foremost fine jewelry designers working today. Get to know a few CJDG members better...

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  • Lorraine DePasque

    Lorraine DePasque

    In the first of our new “TASTEMAKERS” series, Jewelry and Fashion Editor Lorraine DePasque talks with CJDG President Vicente Agor, giving us an inside look at her life and style, some expert opinions of a few top jewelry trends for fall—plus a peek into her little-known days as a “club kid.”

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