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Book Review: 500 Earrings


500 Earrings: New Directions in Contemporary Jewelry

 Juried by an award-winning designer and the founder of the Contemporary Jewelry Design Group, Alan Revere, 500 Earrings is an unusually beautiful and evocative book of images -- a collection of earrings that are truly a visual feast. Founder of the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, Revere appreciates the cleverness of an object. He has an eye for balance, form and line and a full understanding of the kinetic, scultpural qualities of jewelry. The earrings selected for inclusion in the book published by Lark, were created by an international group of artists, many of them members of the CJDG.

In his introduction, Alan Revere explains the criteria he used to make his selection. After craftsmanship, key metalworking techniques, and interesting and unusual forms, Revere looked for displays of commitment and passion, then "innovation,...humor, tradition, emotion, narration,...interaction, composition, surprise, and of course -- beauty."  Revere states, "As the juror for 500 Earrings, I was pleased to find a collection of work that captures trends in contemporary jewelry: exploration of materials, innovative methods, and contemplative solutions alongside a traditional search for beauty." (p.7, 500 Earrings)

500 Earrings is filled with gorgeous, mouth-watering images that are bound to rouse some amount of desire in the devoted collector of jewels and jewelry. The book truly feels 'of the moment,' capturing the multi-dimensional, sculptural qualities of earrings and reflecting trends in both fashion and art. It is a clear reflection of the zeitgeist of our times.

The CJDG Designers who are included in the text are:

The book, published by Lark, is available for purchase at Amazon.

-CJDG Editorial Team