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Designers Share Their Best Achievement

Sweta Jain of Goshwara: “My best achievement was getting my pilot's license!”

Heather Moore of Heather Moore Jewelry: "My greatest achievement is having four kids in five years, all the while creating a jewelry company in my house with a great group of people. I pride myself on my fun relationship with my children and the fact that they have grown up watching the company evolve into a brand that people love. I live and work by the phrase, "Cherish Who You Are." I am inspired by my children and design." 

Etienne Perret of Etienne Perret:  "For 40 years creating the finest colored diamond jewelry has been my passion and I've earned my share of accolades. At this stage in my career, I could sit back and let my signature precious metal collections pay the bills, but my creative spirit has been rekindled by a wonderful new material. With CERAMIQUE, I am at the forefront of an innovative new era in jewelry design and I'm delighted to be creating a whole new generation of award winning designs."

 Belle Brooke Barer of Belle Brooke Designs: "My baby, Jocie June!" 



Patricia Tschetter of Tschetter Studio: "I have won lots of awards and accolades in my life, but the one thing that stands out didn’t earn me a trophy or applause from my peers.  It was adopting two dogs from the local Humane Society."

“My husband and I found a goofy looking, big eared dog named Rufus on Petfinder.com. We found out that he had to be adopted with his littermate, Lucy.  As it turned out, Lucy was very sweet and friendly, and Rufus seemed okay.  What we discovered later was a host of behavior problems, like hand-biting and territorial issues. Because of the hand-biting I wore thick ski gloves, but seriously wondered whether I could be a goldsmith with these two dogs!"

"During their rehabilitation process we discovered that Rufus had been so badly abused and neglected that he didn’t care about people or food. Rufus and Lucy didn’t know what a treat or toy was.  Through lots of love and patience and a great dog trainer we rehabilitated them to be terrific members of our family.  I know it was worth it every time they look at me and wag their tails.”   

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