The Perfect Escape

Elizabeth & Jack Gualtieri of Zaffiro: “When we need to escape from the studio and recharge our creative energies, there is primarily one type of destination we have in mind: the back country."  

"The more remote and hard it is to get to, the better.  Crossing a river on a fallen aspen, scrambling up boulders, losing and finding a faint trail and there we are - mountains all around, tall majestic conifers, clear glacier-fed water and best of all, no people but us!"

Sydney Lynch of Sydney Lynch:  "I love my travels to Mexico, where bright color is everywhere and I enjoy the more relaxed pace of life."  

"I love bright colors, and what better place to find them than in Mexico, where markets, handicrafts, houses, even grave sites are a happy blast of color!  Here is a decorated grave during Dia de Muertos in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico, where I spent a month studying Spanish and exploring local culture."

Janet Deleuse of Janet Deleuse: "Paris! It's one of my favorite cities!"

Heather B. Moore of Heather Moore Jewelry: "I love to travel with my four children. We've been everywhere from the Galapagos Islands to Tanzania! Seeing the world with my kids is so special- it helps put our own daily lives into perspective. It also helps inspire me creatively- I always like to bring what I've seen and what I've learned back to the studio. My favorite thing to do apart from spending time with my family is shooting pictures with my camera. I never go anywhere without it! During our recent African safari, I think I took upwards of 5,000 photos… I hope to turn all of these images of my adventures into a coffee table book some day… 

   CJDG Editorial