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Jewelry's Shining Stars



There's a new book that you have to add to your collection.  Jewelry's Shining Stars can adorn your coffee table based on sheer gorgeousness alone.  As an added bonus, the Contemporary Jewelry Design Group has eight members featured in the book, so you can get to know a few CJDG designers even better!

Jewelry's Shining Stars is curated and written by Beth Bernstein, a jewelry writer and historian.  Organized by categories that tell a little story, like "The Mixmasters" or "The Treasure Hunters," you start to get a sense of the steward that Beth is, guiding our journey through this brave new world of jewelry design.

Each of the 38 jewelry designers featured have put in the time, the tears and sweat, and are starting to reach the top of their respective games.  Beth asks each of them a series of questions that aren't just the standard "what inspires you" sort of questions.  I love knowing that Megan Thorne's favorite musician is J Mascis (LOVE Dinosaur Junior myself!) or that Todd Reed was bounced from an industry party that Stephen Webster walked right into.  Every time I look at the stories, I see something new about someone I thought I knew. 

The Contemporary Jewelry Design Group is well represented: K. Brunini, Amali, Todd Reed, Coomi, Megan Thorne, Alishan, Rebecca Overmann, and Pamela Huizenga are all featured.

And I've mentioned the eye-candy right?  The images alone are worth it.


If you are a collector of these artists, or just aspire to be, this book is a must.  It's a worthy addition to your coffee table, or to a more serious jewelry library.  You can buy it on Amazon.com, and it is available for purchase in national and independent bookstores on September 26, 2013.

Click here for a full list of the jewelry designers featured and links to their sites.  You can also see Beth Bernstein in a few cities this Fall, click here for a schedule of book signings and events.

Monica Stephenson, an Editor at CJDGjewelers.org, is also the founder of idazzle.com, a jewelry blog that profiles artisan jewelry designers and explores the jewelry industry from an insider's perspective.