In the Studio with Rebecca Overmann

 I made a visit to San Francisco recently, to connect with CJDG designers. There is a lot of jewelry talent in the Bay area: Vicente Agor, Cornelia Goldsmith, Jenny Reeves, Thalia Jewelry, Babette Shennan, Dawes Design, and Rebecca Overmann are all based there. I couldn't quite get to everyone in my twenty-four hours or so there, but I stopped by to visit Rebecca Overmann--I hope to visit everyone eventually!

Located in a very cool industrial loft building in the Mission district, Rebecca's studio was bright and welcoming. I was first greeted by Mosley, resident shop dog, then by Rebecca and her husband, Doug. There were several jewelry benches and recessed areas for office space. The studio was agreeably cluttered with new jewelry (gorgeous!), rings in process, and various gemstones being considered. She had a couple of people helping in the studio: with the actual jewelry-making process and, of course, the inevitable paperwork and administrative stuff that has to happen with a small-but-thriving business.

Rebecca has been committed to sustainable materials for her jewelry since the beginning. This is evident in her use of recycled precious metals and ethically-sourced gemstones. While I was there, I saw a tray of Montana sapphires, beautifully cut, and in a gorgeous ombre of blues and greens. There is often a lack of transparency around the sourcing of colored gemstones, so Rebecca purchases Montana sapphires from a known mine to ensure that she knows exactly where the gems come from. 

There is a warmth and suppleness to her designs, even when the themes are geometric.

Feeling the gold: I got to play with some of her materials, like these fancy-colored accent diamonds...

Rebecca hand carves each wax. Her signature is evident in every ring that is made.

I felt very welcomed by Rebecca, Doug, and the staff. You can visit, too: Rebecca offers studio visits for consumers so that you can choose something perfect for you or create a completely custom jewelry design. You need to make an appointment, click here, and get a glimpse into her world, too! 

You can see Rebecca's new-new designs hot off the bench, like these Rattle Bands at the Couture Show in Las Vegas: stop by Salon 137.

Monica Stephenson, an Editor at, tried unsuccessfully to lure Mosley from the studio to take him home, and is the founder of, a jewelry blog that profiles artisan jewelry designers and explores the jewelry industry from an insider's perspective.


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