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CJDG Vicente Agor:  We've just seen the closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games. What Olympic sport would you participate in?
Lorraine DePasque:  Rhythmic Gymnastics.

CJDG: Really? Why?
L.D.:  Unlike “Artistic Gymnastics,” it combines dance—I’ve always loved that. When I started my career, I supplemented my paltry editor’s salary working part-time as an aerobics dance instructor. And in high school I was a twirler, so I’d probably perform my routine with batons—although I think in the Olympics they call them “clubs.” (Those Olympics people are very aggressive!) And I’d beg Lanvin’s Alber Elbaz to design my costume—like his Fall 2012 collection, in a bright color with jewelry accents. And like some contestants from past Games, I’d wear an uber-choker. Of course mine would be custom-designed in precious-only materials and gems—as would the tips of my batons . . . er, clubs.

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CJDG:  Alber Elbaz and batons?! Be still my heart. I’d have to agree with your love of his Fall ’12 collection. And the “Que Sera Sera” song at the end to celebrate his 10th anniversary was quite touching. Would you win the gold medal in Rhythmic Gymnastics?
L.D.:  Absolutely I’d win the gold—I’m a jewelry person! However, if the Olympics Committee ever decides to award a platinum medal, you’ll have to ask me that question again.

CJDG: What’s your best achievement?
L.D.:  Surviving in journalism—it’s a cut-throat business.

CJDG:  Do you have a life-guiding principle to share?
L.D.:  Yes: “Be yourself—because everyone else is already taken.” It’s advice I read years ago--from another writer, Oscar Wilde.

CJDG:  Each Olympics has a theme song. What’s your theme song?
L.D.:  The theme from “Rocky”—isn’t that quite a visual?!?

CJDG: It is! So Rocky had Adrian. Who would be your “Yo?”
L.D.:  My husband, Charlie—he’s the wind beneath my wings. 

CJDG:  Ahh, nice "Beaches" reference. Which leads me to ask: What's your favorite movie?
 L.D.:  “Forrest Gump.” I like movies that are smart and have heart, and that defines this film. Some have criticized it as being overly sentimental, but I think it’s refreshing. The life story of this naïve, slow-witted guy, who makes such a positive impact on society, is encouraging. And I appreciated the director’s skillful technique of tying in cultural and historical events to unfold the journey of Forrest--aka the amazing Tom Hanks.

CJDG:  What jewelry trends do you see for Fall 2012?
L.D.:  This year, “going forward” often means taking a peek back. There’s a huge return to various inspirations of bygone art periods, especially Art Deco and Art Nouveau. For example, this brooch by Gregore’ Morin.

Such simplicity, and still it speaks volumes! This pin embodies the streamlined design and simple geometrics of original Art Deco, yet it manages to maintain a modern sensibility. You could put this piece on display in an exhibition called “New Deco.”  

Also trending is the resurgence of “old” stones, meaning those that haven’t typically been largely used in fashion collections for many years in recent times--particularly emeralds and opals. For example, this emerald ring by Coomi.

The way the designer sets these emerald roughs makes them look like they’re literally ready to be unearthed from their origins. Besides looking great on your finger, how amazing would this ring be exhibited behind glass, with a light shining from underneath the stones? See how the designer kept it open on the bottom, inside the shank?  

I also feel that rose gold—ever-so-popular in the Thirties—may finally become part of mainstream fine jewelry, with women making it a point to add pink pieces to their yellow and white metal wardrobes. In terms of category, the cuff is Twenty-Twelve’s key piece.

CJDG: Which trend will you personally wear?
L.D.:  Two pieces of contemporary designer jewelry: one that’s Art Deco-inspired and another with emeralds as the focus.

Pendants were an important jewelry classification during Art Deco. Doesn’t the silhouette of this one by Julie Romanenko of Just Jules evoke images of Erte’s fashion designs that captured the Deco period—simple, sophisticated, and glamorous all at once? I’d wear this day or evening, for sure.        

A statement cuff is one of the most important pieces of jewelry for fall/holiday—and the emeralds on this cuff by Coomi make it especially on-trend. I love the dangling emerald--what a creative way to give a cuff movement.

CJDG: What’s your latest  project?
L.D.:  Two things: my website—finally!—and a new Fashion and Jewelry Video series. Regarding the website, I am an absolute nut when it comes to something being aesthetically beautiful. After meeting with far too many site designers, I finally found someone to work with me on it, and the goal is to have www.lorrainedepasque.com up sometime in the fall. I’m so excited because, in addition to writing original print content, I connect with readers and followers through many online vehicles--a blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube—and now just by going to my website—which I hope they’ll keep bookmarked in their “favorites”—readers will be able to quickly get to my 140-character comment and TwitPix on a unique jewelry collection I may have just seen at an editor’s preview, or see my latest Pinterest board of Fashion 2013 favorites, or get a heads-up on the latest post on my Style and Trends blog that I write for InStore Magazine:  www.instoremag.com/shineblogs/lorrainedepasque. It’s not a “here’s the latest news” kind of thing, but rather, an opinionated jewelry fashion blog, based on sound industry knowledge coupled with accurate reporting.

The InStore website is also where readers will be able to view my new video series—presented in the same way as my blog, where I candidly converse with key players in various industries relevant to fine jewelry. You’ll find these interviews at www.instoremag.com, under multimedia, in “Lorraine’s Videos.” The videos actually launch this week. My first interviewee and what he has to say about trends for 2013 is so interesting—and he’s fun and funny, too!

CJDG:  Can't wait. Favorite music?
L.D.:  Anything by Lady Gaga. She’s an incredible talent as well as a beautiful spirit.
And while I don’t share her particular fashion style—obviously—I love that she’s daring when it comes to her style. Wouldn’t the jewelry industry be greatly improved if more consumers had that same Gaga fearlessness? 

CJDG:  Gaga. Really? Totally love it. And so exactly why aren’t we best friends?! Who are you gaga for in fashion?
L.D.:  For day, Armani ready-to-wear, and for evening, Elie Saab Haute Couture. With both collections, you wear the clothes, the clothes don’t wear you. Season after season, these designers give us fashion with modern simplicity yet identifiable details. That’s a challenging balance—for jewelry designers, too, I might add—but Armani and Saab almost always seem to achieve it.

CJDG: Speaking of challenging balance, let's say you’ve had a stressful day. Which of these sounds most appealing to you: bazaar, jar, sitar, guitar, car, star, or bar?
L.D.:  A bar—the Asso Gold Cleansing Bar, which has 24K gold in it! It’s actually an anti-aging, anti-oxidant soap that’s said to rejuvenate the skin. But for me, running a hot bath, then lathering up with soap that contains 24K gold? Well, that rejuvenates me! And for only $21.95 on Amazon, it’s a bargain.




CJDG: So clever. A soap bar. Actually, I would have thought that, since you’re a dancer, your choice would have been barre.  
L.D.:  Oh no! I didn’t say I was a dancer. Experience as an aerobics instructor and a baton twirler does not make me a dancer.
CJDG:  Well, you may not profess to be a twinkle toes, but you certainly have a keen editorial eye and a twinkle in your smile. Thank you, Lorraine!


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